Are You Weak For Asking Advice?

Recently I ran a scenario nonchalantly by an associate at the end of our conversation, not expecting much of a response. I was shocked when he said “I have been in a similar circumstance, if you are having that scenario, let me give you some advice…” And he proceeded to steer my decision in a different direction that would ultimately save our organization hassle and lots of money. Once again I was reminded of the power of having advisors, a spouse, mentor, or coworkers that you can glean different points of view from.

Asking advice is not weakness. Quite the contrary, not using advisors is a form of weakness. Proverbs 15:22 says, “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisors bring success.” Having sat on different boards, I can attest most board members agree to be on the board of advisors/directors to bring value to the organization: most are not interested in just being a figurehead. General school of thought says, “Let’s leave them alone and not burden them,” but asking advice is not burdensome, it’s valuing them through opinion. Talking things through with others shows engagement – not doing so may show disengagement because good leaders want to know what’s happening.

You do not always have to take the advice given. But one thing is for sure, a well-informed decision is always better than an uninformed decision.

How have you successfully requested advice? Give me some advice, what say you?

2 thoughts on “Are You Weak For Asking Advice?

  1. In every BIG decision I’ve ever made in my life (pre-marriage) I always asked the advice of my mom & dad from what club I should join in school, to what college, what song should I sing at this event etc. As I grew and got married I go to my husband, but still go to my parents because their sound Godly advice has never steered me wrong. I will never not ask or see wisdom. (On my own I’ve been known to not always make the right decision thank God for mom & dad)

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