Dallas, Leslie, Carson & BoMy relentless search to discover what works was birthed from doing what does not work. In my late 20s, a highlight reel of my life might consist of a workout obsession that led to a crazy bench-press and nothing else, a dependency of alcohol that netted a long history of crashed cars, finances, marriage and cutting my buddies front lawn in my underwear. Contrary to the cool alcohol commercials, none of that worked. I had an intellectual faith most of my life, basically knowing God exists, but when I was at my bottom, I hit my knees and found a saving faith… that worked. Addiction may be anything that is in between you and the life you want to live. For some, its food, alcohol, or drugs. I am now appreciative of the hellish times in my life, for they prevent me from ever wanting an intellectual faith again.

This blog is a result of an overwhelming passion to find out what works, not for the sake of this blog, but to apply in my own life. After countless hours of intense study, counsel and multitudes of books, this is my conclusion of what works. (A public journal if you will.) Nothing in this blog is new, but everything in this blog is tried and true. Lots of things do not work, but only a few truly work. My goal is when applying what works, some of you may have results similar to mine and shave a decade or more of stupidness off your life. As you read, continually ask yourself, “What are you going to do differently as a result of what you are learning?” Your feedback and comments are welcome as it always helps me think through and expand topics… and, well, who doesn’t like feedback? I’m honored, Dallas Cooley