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Pride, the Compromise Killer.

Recently we had an order put on hold at our office with a request to return the materials. The purchasing agent had informed us,The process is simply too high!”and,We can do it ourselves at a fraction of the cost.” After my being aware of the situation I instantly thought perhaps she should check her numbers; the freight and labor back and forth would absorb any cost savings of doing the process in-house and then some. Soon afterward I happened to be in the lobby when the driver arrived to pick up the materials.To my surprise he took great interest in how it came about that he was picking up the materials, so I obliged in filling in the gaps. He then asked, Say, do you mind if I give the purchasing agent a call? I’m not so sure we will be saving anything by taking these materials back.I said,“Sure!as I thought to myself, you’re about to be chopped liver for questioning her command. This is what ensued: